Achmea Campus

Working with ADP Architecten, Amsterdam this is the winning entry of the competition for the design of the new office campus headquarters of Achmea, a leading dutch insurance company. The location lies on the south side of Apeldoorn, on the edge of the Veluwe National Park, at the crossing of the major A1 highway and the provincial road to Arnhem, where one Achmea building used to stand quite alone, on a great 14 hectare property.

The plan makes maximum use of the natural qualities of the context. In the middle of the plan is the new main conference building that guides and connects all of the office wings.

The office wings are all basically the same, however each one reacts to its own unique and specific relationship to its immediate surroundings.

The competition was won in 2 rounds, I worked on both. In the winner-takes-all 2nd round I functioned as junior project leader/manager and co-authored the foundations of this project. The build was recently completed to critical acclaim.

Office:         ADP Architecten
Type:           new construction, expansion
Phase:         competition (2 rounds)
Size:           80,000 m^2
Client:         Achmea


external website: ADP Architecten, Achmea

Publications: Blauwe Kamer, February 2014 (cover) , de Architect, November 2013 , Office Headquarters II vol. 1 (pages 15 – 36)