Fortwatcher´s House


This is the design for the complete renovation of the interior of the old Fortwatcher´s House in Vijfhuizen. I did this project for, and in accompaniment with Jaco Woltjer of Woltjer Berkhout Architects.

The only thing that was kept of the old interior were the floor beams, roof structure, and the old staircase. Leaving the staircase was a logical choice that further dictated the rather simple floor plan.

Starting at the entrance, a playful closet is made around the staircase an onward into the newly orientated ground floor bathroom. Two controllable openings allow passage between the two main rooms, and make evident a natural north-south axis. Upstairs the layout simply follows the logic of the existing structure and upper orientations. A new master bathroom is positioned on the south, and the master bedroom lies on a sober east-west axis.



Office:         Woltjer Berkhout Architecten
Type:           renovation, interior
Phase:         SD, DD, CD
Size:           130 m^2
Client:         private