Jansen House


Working together with a long-time mentor, Marc a Campo of ADP Architects, Jansen House is an inspiring brief. Located just off of the church square on a remarkable corner in the heart of the historic center of Zutphen, a double plot is currently under-developed. The corner house was hit by a stray bomb in WWII, while the roof of the adjacent yellow building burned off in a fire around the end of the 19th century. The client wanted a new corner building and a new roof on the yellow building. Together these 2 buildings would intertwine and house 1 family.


This project was completed as the financial downturn in the Netherlands began, forcing the client to pull the plug on the entire project, opting instead to build only the new roof. It was a long and complicated project with many stops and pauses. I am co-author of this project, and was responsible for all the presentation drawings and formal documents.


Office:          Marc a Campo, ADP Architecten
Type:           new construction, expansion, renovation
Phase:         SD, DD
Size:            330 m^2
Client:          private