Omicron Campus

Working together with Border Architecture, the Omicron Campus project is the sizable expansion of the offices and laboratories of a large, international electronics concern located in Klaus, Austria. Omicron prides itself on its working environment, knowing that a beautiful, well-designed building will lead to happy people and higher levels of productivity.

The client’s representative in the planning process is a philosopher, and he wants something special, something brilliant; daylight deep inside the building all year round. So he gave us, as outsiders, the freedom to explore all the opportunities of every stage in the design process, finally settling on three large gathering spaces in the main core of the new building connected by strong, defining lines of light cut vertically through the building. An emphasis is placed on how daylight filters through the roof, and how it penetrates, connects, and activates these core spaces.

I worked on this project with Border Architecture, Amsterdam, and we in turn worked together with Dietrich Untertrefaller in Bregenz. I traveled there on several occasions, sometimes staying longer to work together with the larger team in Austria as sole representative of our philosophy.


Office:       Border Architecture
Type:        Office Campus; new construction, expansion
Phase:       SO, VO, DO
Size:         15,000 m2
Client:       Omicron Electronics


External websites:

Border Architecture, Amsterdam

Dietrich Untertrifaller, Omicron Campus

Houdblad, maart 2016