Stedelijk Museum Communiqué

underneath pavilion view

In response to the fact that the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam would be without a building for more than a year, we proposed to use the art exhibited in the public spaces of the 14 city wards as the collection from which an exhibition on the Museum Square could be curated.

map and museumplein

The place where the work normally stands remains empty, an aptly named “artstop” is placed there. The sign informs about the temporarily displaced artwork and is connected with an “artstop” on the Museum Square that inversely informs about the place where the work normally sits.

The central pavilion is a volume supported by columns. The flat façades of the pavilion act as inter-communicative message boards. A flat blackboard ceiling reduces the view from underneath to only the façades of the square, and the ground. In the middle of the pavilion a pedestal grants the visitor the opportunity to stand with their head in an enormous white, oval collar made of the same, new synthetic material used on the exterior of the extension of the Stedelijk Museum. The collar concentrates the experience on the sky and the intense white light. The visitor has been baptized.

Competition Entry, together with Wouter Kroeze

Published in Kunstlicht, 1/2, 2008, page 58