Dark Space Dark Matter

Red Ball in Space

40 x 50 cm, guache on canvas, 2015-2016
private collection


This series of works focuses on the fundamental relationship in painting between the figure and the ground. By using a limited palette of red-black & blue-black a certain value can be assigned to each, and the focus is placed further on the distinction between the two. Pieter continued to use this palette in the Slug series.

In Dark Space Dark Matter inspiration is found in the astrophysical macro scale of the cosmos as well as in the micro scale of microbial biology. In this series Pieter uses the medium of painting to greatly limit variables so that the relationship between an object and its background can be isolated and in so doing, better seen.

Rod in Space

Rod in Space
20 x 50 cm, guache on canvas, 2016

Blue Body in Red Space
70 x 90 cm, guache on canvas, 2016

200x90 BB

Dark Space Dark Matter #1
200 x 90 cm, oil on canvas, 2016


Dark Space Dark Matter #2
90 x 60 cm, guache on canvas, 2016
private collection