ELIO chair

Elio Chair, Pieter de Bruyn Kops


ELIO is a smart, minimalistic steelframe chair accented with pearwood armrests and a leather sitting. As a composition, the chair has an exceptionally small profile allowing for a harmony with light and the space it inhabits. During the act of sitting, Elio flexes into position around the weight of the body affording a beautiful and solid seat.









photography: Dietmar Gunne



ELA table lamp


ELA the table lamp is a contemporary composite furniture piece centered around the inviting and fundamental inter-relationship between a copper lamp and a round, stone table top. Its manufacturing is partially outsourced to professional tradesmen, and is made-to-order.


VESTA Lampshade


VESTA is a hand-rolled copper lampshade that has a genuine, open and warm quality.  Being handmade, each lampshade is subtly unique, while the materiality of the copper adds a healthy warmth to the modern light fixture and by extention to any contemporary interior.  With its open overlap in the cone, Vesta differentiates itself from other copper lampshades by emitting a warm, atmospheric line of light while referencing a primitive and artisanal nature.