Elio Chair

Elio Chair, Pieter de Bruyn Kops

ELIO is a smart, minimalistic steelframe chair accented with pearwood armrests and a leather sitting. The chair flexes into shape around the weight of the body affording a beautiful seat. 2014-2016 FOR SALE

Vesta Lampshade


VESTA is a hand-rolled copper lampshade that has a genuine, open and warm quality. Being handmade, each lampshade is subtly unique, while the materiality of the copper adds a healthy warmth to the modern light fixture. Beyond this Vesta differentiates itself from other lampshades in that there is an open overlap in the cone, emitting…

eLa Table Lamp


ELA the table lamp is a contemporary composite furniture piece centered around the inviting and fundamental inter-relationship between a copper lamp and a round, stone table top. Its manufacturing is partially outsourced to professional tradesmen, and is made-to-order. FOR SALE: please get in touch for pricing, options, and delivery information!

Music Box


In the stairwell of a private client’s house, and incorporated into the existing balustrade I designed and outsourced the making of a Music Box that provides an aesthetic, dynamic and central organizing system for a group of existing hi-fi components, and a selection of recorded music. In the same room I proposed and implemented the…