Pieter de Bruyn Kops is a Dutch-American architect, designer and painter currently focused on painting and furniture design.

If you are interested in Pieter’s furniture or art pieces, or if you would like him to work with you as a consultant on your creative/analytical project, please feel free to get in touch!



2016, solo art and furniture exhibition, Returned

2010, MArch, de Academie van Bouwkunst, Amsterdam

2010, Diploma Project, 1 Villa for 3 Widows, Archiprix nominee

2003, MA, Housing & Urbanism, the Architectural Association, London

2003, Thesis, Marching Towards the Light Ages: A Critical Response to Responsive Environments

2002, Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland, School of Architecture

2001, solo art exhibit, Studies: Between Primaries

1997, solo art exhibit, Formation of an Identity


1979, Washington D.C.