Draped Spaces

Pink & Blue
80 x 61 cm, oil on panel, 2017-2019


a Little Humanity
61 x 40 cm, oil on panel, 2018-2019


Draped Spaces expands on Pieter’s previous ideas of figure-ground painting with the addition of more specific textures, colours, and a border condition that is not only generated by the figure touching and interacting with the ground, but takes on its own dimension and calligraphic character. By doing so the border begins to mediate and dictate the interaction between figure and ground. The figure is also more expressive than in past series.

This series draws very literal, initial inspiration from drapery and begins to examine the curtain as an element that separates spaces of different qualities, and the quality that the curtain lends to the space. All of these paintings were initially generated by drawing the bottoms of the curtains that Pieter found in and around his past studio spaces that today no longer exist. By drawing this phenomenon in a more circular manner a figure is formed that is framed and isolated within a ground space.

Blue Red & Yellow
61 x 80 cm, oil on panel, 2018-2019


an Idea of Spring
61 x 40 cm, oil on panel, 2018-2019


White Flag #1
80 x 61 cm, oil on panel, 2017-2019


Further inspiration for this series is primarily found in the fantastic history of Persian carpet-making, in calligraphy, and in the ambiguous meanings that can be gained from colours and textures figured and framed in this new way.

With these works Pieter returns to using oil paint and has chosen to work on panel. Draped Spaces also marks an end to the use of the limited, dark palatte of the former series Dark Space Dark Matter, and the Slugs. Draped Spaces is very much an examination and celebration of painting.


White Flag #2
122 x 61 cm, oil on panel, 2017-2019


These works will be available at the Dedee Shattuck Gallery September 5 – 29th.

Pieter looks forward to seeing you at the opening on September 7th, or at the artist’s talks the following day.

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